Most frequent questions and answers
When you place an order, it automatically goes directly to production. This means that it’s not always easy to change your order once it’s been placed. If you discover an error in your prescription after placing your order, please contact us at support@originglasses.com
Different orders have different production times, and we may not always be able to cancel an order before it’s been packaged and shipped. If your order has been shipped, you still have the option to return the product if you wish. To return your order, please contact us at support@originglasses.com

To determine your size, take a ruler and measure the arm-to-arm distance of your current glasses in millimeter(mm). If your current glasses do not fit well, use them as a gauge towards a better fitting pair.  For example, if your glasses currently measure 120mm and they feel a bit small (temple arms are pressing against the sides of your face), go up a size.

Please click on the question mark icon during the lenses bundle selection, it will provide recommendations according to your prescription SPH.

No, unfortunately. We suggest that you contact the optical store where you bought your glasses. The reason is that we can’t guarantee a good result with an old frame.

We recommend using a recent prescription (less than two years old). You get your prescription from an optometrist, based on a sight test